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Re: adduser: default groups

Roman Muñoz wrote:
> It seems it's possible to set a defaults file for useradd-usermod
> (say /etc/default/useradd or the like), were (perhaps?) I could set
> some default groups, so new users would be automatically on these
> groups. Unfortunately, I 'can't find any examples so I don't know
> about the syntax (if any). Could you give me some pointer?

The man page for adduser points you to /etc/adduser.conf.

  man adduser.conf

But I think what you want is not in the feature set.  So you would
need to use a script to do this automatically.  The adduser man page
also says this:

       If the file /usr/local/sbin/adduser.local exists, it will be
       executed after the user account has been set up in order to do
       any local setup.  The arguments passed to adduser.local are:
       username uid gid home-directory, and the environment variables
       DEBUG and VERBOSE will be set according to the settings in the
       master pro gram.

So setting up adduser.local seems easy enough.  I have no needed to do
this myself however so have not tried it.


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