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Re: 4x SATA Ports via Marvell Controller etc

On Thu, Jun 30, 2005 at 02:34:37PM -0300, Yupanqui Munoz wrote:
> Hi  Emeric,

Hi, Yupanqui and Emeric

Please don't top post 

> I tried to use debian(31rda)-i386, fedora core 4 (AMD64) and
> ubuntu-5.05-AMD64, but none of them could recognize the HDs in the
> installation.
> I need the correct driver (Marvell (Adaptec) 4-port / 8-port SATA
> Driver (Hercules-II)) to make it work.
> Is there a specific driver in debian distribution that I can use in
> the installation? Where I can find it? How to install it?

 (incorrect quoting also stuffs up the attribution)
Emeric wrote:

> 2005/6/30, Emeric Maschino <maschino@jouy.inra.fr>:
> > Hi Yupanqui,
> > 
> > x86-64), not a pure 64-bit processor like the Itanium. If you wanna
> > install Debian, you're stuck with the i386 version, since Debian doesn't
> > offer an AMD64 version. If you wanna take advantages of the extended 64-
> > bit instructions, you need to install an AMD64 distribution like Fedora
> > Core 4 for example.

Wrong!! Debian does provide an AMD64 distribution and they have a

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