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Re: bash - executing function in "find" command

%% "Chris F.A. Johnson" <cfajohnson@gmail.com> writes:

  cfaj> On 2005-07-06, Paul Smith wrote:

  >> The disadvantage of the pipe-to-while method is that each element
  >> in the pipeline is run in a subshell, so variables set inside the
  >> while loop (for example) won't be set after the loop is
  >> complete[*].

  cfaj> find . | {
  cfaj>   while read line
  cfaj>   do
  cfaj>      : whatever
  cfaj>      word=${line%% *}
  cfaj>   done

  cfaj>   : variables set within the loop are still available here, e.g.:
  cfaj>   printf "%s\n" "$word"

  cfaj> }

  cfaj> : but not here

Good point; sometimes this is good enough.  Not always, though--unless
you're willing to have the entire remainder of your script to appear in
the pipeline block :-).

A very handy technique to have in the toolbox though.


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