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Re: apt

Carl Fink on 05/07/05 03:40, wrote:

	dpkg --get-selections > myselections.txt

Actually, is that a list of all available packages? It shows that some are set 'deinstall':

mysql-common                                    deinstall
mysql-common-4.1                                install

If I want to reduce the number of packages on my Debian installation to the minimum that I actually use, I need to go through them all in aptitude (where I can see the descriptions) and remove them?

I tried setting the ones I didn't think were necessary to Automatic, since it looked like a safe option, apparently they will be removed if they aren't being depended on. However when I hit g, I found aptitude downloaded 20 megs more packages!

What's the best way to do it?


Linux 2.6.11 Debian

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