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Re: (SLIGHTLY OT): PC speaker not working with kernel

Mark Fletcher wrote:
> I built the kernel by copying over the .config 
> from 2.4.19 and using make xconfig to tweak the 
> settings. I use make-kpkg to compile and make the .deb 
> file and dpkg to install it. That all goes according to 
> plan.

> However, under my new kernel the PC speaker (which I use 
> only for beeping me when mail arrives, when I hit tab 
> in a shell and haven't typed enough to uniquely 
> identify a file etc) isn't working (no beeps).

> I'm guessing there's a kernel option under 2.6 that's 
> needed to turn the beeper on but wasn't required under 
> 2.4. Can anyone point me at it?

Device Drivers
-> Input device support
  -> Miscellaneous devices                           
    -> PC Speaker support

Thomas Weinbrenner

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