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Re: boot in xp

Chidrup Tripathi wrote:

>After installing Debian on my laptop successfully, I installed Windows
>XP. Now when I boot, it goes straight into WIndows XP. What do I have
>to confgure to make it multi boot. I once did this wiht another Linux
>OS, but it was incompenent. IF you could help me I will be pleased.
You need to boot into Debian somehow, perhaps off a Knoppix CD, or off
the Debian installation CD (use the "rescue" option, I believe).

Once in, you need to run "lilo" to reinstall the boot loader (assuming
it installed lilo; if it installed grub, I think you need to run

Basically, Windows XP's boot loader likes to only work with Windows
(although it's possible to coerce it to work with others). It would have
been easier if you had installed Windows first, then Debian. But no
worries; you just have to get in Debian in some fashion to reinstall its
boot loader.


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