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Re: Aspell British

On Sun, Jul 24, 2005 at 01:32:11PM -0700 or thereabouts, Brian Nelson wrote:
> Steve Å <kru_tch@yahoo.ca> writes:


Hi Brian;

> > Over the past few weeks, (I think it was when Sarge became Stable) an
> > update must have changed my default -- I'm now spell checking for
> > American English.
> By default, aspell chooses the dictionary variant based on the
> LC_MESSAGES variable, and if that's not set, LANG.  A setting of "en_GB"
> would be appropriate for you.

Aha ! I thought locale should be relevant. I asked this question earlier on the
list (different thread), and the single response was that it wasn't necessary
for the LC_MESSAGES option to be anything but POSIX. I didn't think that seemed

How does one set the LC_MESSAGES variable. dpkg-reconfigure locales doesn't do
it. Is this an environment setting ? I can fix this temporary by issuing '$
export environment LC_All=en_CA' or en_GB, but that isn't sticky after the bash
session is closed.

> Otherwise, you can specify the dictionary directly with:
> aspell -l en_GB check [...]

Isn't this to check messages manually ? I generally use it from within

> Also see the manual section:
> 5.2 How Aspell Selects an Appropriate Dictionary

Yeah, I had discovered this on my own. However I can't seem to get the command
syntax right. It's really nice when man pages give examples of each syntax

Steve A.
Monday Jul 25 2005 10:40:01 AM EDT
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