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"Right" way to add devices at boot for udev?

So, since I upgraded my system to Sarge+Linux 2.6, I'm using udev to
manage /dev.  It's great, BUT I have some non-free software (required
so I can log into work from home, unfortunately) which is not

When I install the software it creates a device in /dev.  Of course,
when I reboot that device is gone and I have to reinstall the software
to recreate it, or recreate it by hand or whatever.

Obviously I can script this up somehow, if need be.  My question is,
what's the "approved" way of doing stuff like this in Debian?

In Fedora, for example, my understanding is that there's a directory
under /etc/udev where you copy your special device file to, and when the
system boots everything there is copied back to /dev, which is pretty
easy to manage.

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