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Re: aptitude incompatible with synaptic?

On Tuesday 05 July 2005 10:09, Matthias Kaeppler <nospam@digitalraid.com>
(<[🔎] daebb3$vkv$01$1@news.t-online.com>) wrote:

> Looks like those two programs don't really know what each other is
> doing. 

apt-get and Synaptic (and probably dselect, which I haven't used) don't know
about aptitude's "automatically/manually installed" package status.

> Does that mean I'm stuck to one apt frontend in Debian, once I 
> have started using it?

(1) You can disable aptitude's desire to remove "unused" packages.

(2) You can mark, with aptitude, the packages you "manually" installed
    with Synaptic (or apt-get) as being "manually" installed.

You're not stuck but switching to and from aptitude is more work than
switching between apt-get and Synaptic.  (I took option (2) and now use
only aptitude.)

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