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Re: [BackupPC-users] Re: OT: Archives nearly useless? (Google doing evil?)

Steve Lamb wrote:

  Again, Google obscures nothing.  Just
because Google doesn't return the hits you're expecting doesn't mean they're
obscured, either.  Just means your search is not specific enough.  No more, no
less.  Hardly anything insidious in that.

I seem to recall previously getting google hits for both backuppc-users and
debian-users, and many other technical list archives without the extra qualifying
terms that require one to know in advance where the answer to their question lies.

I think that if recent lawsuits are behind google's changes, then it seems
pretty insidious to me. I don't know enough to claim it as a fact, but if it
is then that's very alarming to me.

No, it's just some recent change that google made.

    So you claim.  And your proof is... what?

See my answer above.

I just believe that people should be able to search the web including all
the various technical list archives as they could before, without jumping
through any arbitrary hoops or having to worry about what's the next
category of public information to be made semi-accessable by unaccountable
persons with unknown motives.  Those who don't believe in concepts like
"public interest" will obviously not agree and in any case this list is not
the place for a debate.

Get off your high horse.

    Sorry, mine's more of a pony compared to that war charger you're on.  How
about you dismount first?

LOL whether its a pony or charger I think we're beating this horse to death,
which was not my intention, neither was getting mired in politics or philosophy.
It's a real technical problem for me and I thought people here might have
some answers.  I have already gotten some useful replies for which I am grateful.

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