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AWStats browser.pm issue

Just installed this on Sarge, using Debian package. On running I'm presented
with the following error;

    Error: Not same number of records of BrowsersSearchIDOrder (96 entries) and
    BrowsersHashIDLib (95 entries without msie,netscape,firefox) in Browsers
    database. May be you updated AWStats without updating browsers.pm file or
    you made changed into browsers.pm not correctly. Check your file
    /usr/lib/cgi-bin/lib/browsers.pm is up to date

I Google'd on that error, and what I could find from the official website is that
one should check that there is only one browser.pm, yada yada, and that one should
upgrade to the latest version. Well I'm running Sarge, and it doesn't have any
later version.

So, I guess what I'm asking is -- Has anyone else had this problem in Sarge, and
how did they fix it ?

FWIW, the application runs fine without this file, but without browser stats. 8(

Steve A.
Friday Jul 08 2005 01:20:02 EDT
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