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Re: [OT] Good book about GNU/Linux structure

On Sat, Jul 02, 2005 at 05:58:21PM +0200, Nobrin ;-" wrote:
> I would like to read an in depth book about GNU/Linux structure. I
> mean, about how the parts works together in the big picture.
> I wouldn't like a book about vi, emacs, bash, awk, iptables rules and
> so on, because it would just give some hints about these topics (about
> them entire books have been written).
> After the reading, I would like to be able to say what will work and
> what won't removing particular pieces from GNU/Linux (and so, to
> understand reasons behind problems).
> Any advice?
Hi Norbin,
here is a simplified view on unix:
harware(screen,mouse,hard drive,modem...)
kernel modules allow the kernel to communicate with hardware
the kernel controls the hardware and communicates with libraries
libraries contain common functions or logic that program need
applications do what you want(edit document,read mail)
servers do thing that need to be done without interventions like
printing, apache, disk io, swapping

there is also a desktop view:
video hardware->video kernel modules->kernel->x libs->x
server(xfree/xorg)->display manager->window manager
x libs include kde,qt and gnome libs. there are tool kits for the window
managers to draw widgets and keep track of windows
display managers are xdm,gdm,kdm. this allow you to login to the desktop
environment like twm,gnome,kde
windowmanagers keep track of the windows and give them the 'buttons, 'borders' and

there is also a unix/pc boot process:
power on-> bios->kernel->hardware/hard disk detection-> sysv init system->start servers->console login


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