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Re: aptitude

On Friday 22 July 2005 10:47, Edward Dunagin <eddunagin@yahoo.com>
(<[🔎] 20050722164704.35881.qmail@web32215.mail.mud.yahoo.com>) wrote:

> i tried to post this before subscribing to the list.

You don't need to subscribe in order to post.

> when i run aptitude update i get a response that tells
> me that 78 files are to be removed. lots of gnome and
> libs. (i use kde) but i see one or two of the listed
> files that are to be removed, as files that i use and
> need.

Start aptitude, find the package you want to keep, and press 'm' (not 'M')
to tell aptitude the package was "manually installed" (i.e., not to be
removed simply because it's "unused").

This will work unless the packages are being removed due to "unsatisfied

> can anyone explain whats going on here?

Aptitude, unless instructed otherwise, will remove "automatically installed"
after all the "manually installed" packages which depend on it are removed.

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