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Re: Aspell British

Steve Å <kru_tch@yahoo.ca> writes:

> I'm having a devil of a time with Aspell. When I first installed Sarge
> (Testing over 2 years ago), I had Aspell replace Ispell. It took some
> work at the time to get Aspell spell checking for British English.
> Over the past few weeks, (I think it was when Sarge became Stable) an
> update must have changed my default -- I'm now spell checking for
> American English.

By default, aspell chooses the dictionary variant based on the
LC_MESSAGES variable, and if that's not set, LANG.  A setting of "en_GB"
would be appropriate for you.

Otherwise, you can specify the dictionary directly with:

aspell -l en_GB check [...]

Also see the manual section:

5.2 How Aspell Selects an Appropriate Dictionary

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