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Re: C++ ABI change in sight?

Steven Pasternak wrote:
> Hi! I know that currently debian is undergoing the C++ ABI Change
> (libstdc++.so.5/gcc3.3-libstdc++.so.6/gcc4), which is why kde isn't
> being upgraded (is C++ code). I was just wondering if this will be
> finished anytime soon. KDE 3.4 is head and shoulders above 3.3. Thanks!
> -Steven

Didn't the C++ ABI change start about a couple of weeks ago? X.org was
shipped after it was build with the new ABI. And the last I read on a
mailing list (debian or alioth I don't remember), I recall reading that
KDE will only start trickling in to unstable after X.org has been built
for all architectures. And X.org was built for all except one the last
time I checked (yesterday).

Also, the KDE team was working on qt3(?) the last few days. And to the
best of my knowledge qt3 work needs to be done to get KDE things
working. So with X.org almost done and qt3 being worked upon, I think we
might see KDE upgrades soonish (and they will be probably straight to


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