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[OT] Need advice on building a Storage Server

I would like to build a storage server.  I have some hardware questions.  
I don't know a forum where I will get intelligent practical questions 
for this unusual task.

I'm envisioning adding 5-8 300GB or 400GB hard drives, a single gigabit 
ethernet, a minimal mobo/proc/ram for strictly serving up files.

1. I've seen a "LanBoy" type case that can hold 8 internal 3.5" drives.  
Mini ATX.  Any dangers with running 8 HDs in a mini-ATX case?

2. Is there a mobo which can drive 8 HDs?  Or will I need daughtercards?

3. How big a power supply should I get?  500W?

4. Is this going to be a heat / noise / weight nightmare?

Anybody's who's built such a monster and has recommendations, please 

Thanks, and sorry for being OT.

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