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[no subject] 2.4.20-ben10 on Powerbook 12": nvidia progress, console buggy 3 kernel related questions Acard 6260M and PMac Oldworld Acard 6280M howto ? Adaptec 2940 ultra2 airport monitor mode/ ben8 alsa and internal mic in ibook2 [ANN] Internal modem, new driver version Anyone using gnu gcj and SWT on PPC Linux aptitude ATI MACH64 - wrong colors Ati Rage 128 and Apple 15" LCD Display Re: battery life ben10 kernel and ibook 2.2 ben_kernel_install_hangs Blackdown JDK and sid (was: Re: java 1.4 for ppc) Boot with a CD on oldworld Building of extended nbd fails on ppc burn cd on mac for new pc server - how? can someone make a boot image with new kernel (2.4.20) $re imac 17 1ghz Re: can someone make a boot image with new kernel (2.4.20) $re imac 17 1ghz Can't play audio CD's on G4 (woody) can't play DVDs after enabling ide-scsi control of the device clock withput cpufreq comparing x86 and powerpc laptops compile and linking problems with kernel 2.5.67, "-fPIC"? Compiling benh kernel with grsecurity patch problems cpu_speed-sound Debian for Power3-II debian installer not finding my hard disk on ibook Debian on Titanium G4 17 Debian with Mac. detecting which firewire haddisk is plugged d-i & IBM CHRP testing Disabling touchpad on tibook G4 1 Ghz Display off w/ lights ? dist-upgrade with chrp Erased boot partition on OSX Debian dual boot Estas desuscrito /etc/power/pwrctl-local for an iBook 2.2 (cpufreq adjustement) Ethernet error problem - question Re: evolution 1.2 evolution 1.3 for powerpc External Monitor TiBook External video on ibook/ATI Mobility M3 fbset on woody Few Newbie Questions TiBook III - woody filemaker db floating point used in kernel fonts in mozilla framebuffer en PowerPC 7200/90 G3 B&W won't boot on CD install 消除硬盘录象机录音噪声 geforce 4ti and acard ata 133 Getting kernel 2.4.20-ben10 Happy Birthday! hd access errors Re: Hotswap Battery in Sleep on 15" 1GHz Powerbook Hotswap Battery in Sleep on 15" 1GHz Powerbook How to eject cd Howto: german keymap for X11 howto install debian on Pegasos? hwclock on a PowerMac 9500 and summertime ibook 1904 clock problem: hwclock and base-config hang iBook and different network configurations ibook sleeps in 20 seconds iBook with ALSA sound problem I can come! Important keyboard problem (^[[B sent indefinitely) I need some help installing Information about the boot procedure of Mac OSX.2.3 Install debian on a iBook with external FireWire hard drive install debian on powermac 8600 /9600 Installer showing way too much free space installing new kernel Re: installing Woody on 8100/80 Install problem, no boot after all install trouble - drive not detected 8600/300 is aptitude broken on ppc? java 1.4 for ppc java-gnome builds Just some unimportant stuff kbdrate hangs on my new G4. Waaah! KDE keymap for Macintosh keyboard keeps crashing Kernel 2.4.xx to kernel 2.5.xx kernel bug while mounting hfs cdrom kernels and macintosh keyboards keymaps Last version of bochs ... Libc2.2.5-13 Looking for tibook G4 400 modem driver lost emails Lost Network connection after kernel recompile on G4 Mac 7200 (PPC) sees Promise controller.. BUT NO DRIVES mach kernel question macintosh portrait monitor modem installation on ibook2 MOL not working after latest apt-get upgrade Moving ATA/100 to hda instead of hdc mplayer and rtc mysql on ppc Re: New sleep code for ATI M6, M7 and M9 No frames around windows Re: No X Windows on PowerBook G3 Help! nvsetenv OBP option passing (Booting with Linux/PPC Bootloader) Odd ibook problem. OF boot to MacOSX? partial mirror of netbsd's OF-relevant pages PBG4 12" and "hda:drive_cmd:" error, what does it mean? PBG4 12" and "video=ofonly" PBG412 install early failure Re: PBG412 install early failure - SUCCESS but new question pdf viewer that shows hyperlinks? Petition for a Flash plugin for Linux on PPC pilot-manager, no permission at sync-status pilot-manager with usb Pismo install ... reboot gives a ? Pismo question (was Re: powerbook 15" 1Ghz question ...) Playing Sorenson 3 encoded QT files under Debian/PowerPC? pmud sleep and eth0 ifconfig on old iBook possible php bug on powerpc/4.2.3 The last update was on 20:17 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 737 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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