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Re: compile and linking problems with kernel 2.5.67, "-fPIC"?

On Mit, 2003-04-16 at 13:02, Christoph Ewering wrote:
> I trying to get vdr (DVB video recording) running on my beige G3.
> Because I had no luck with 2.4.10-ben* i thought about 2.5.67. This 
> source has the dvb-drivers included but I always get linking error (i 
> am not in the front of my linux box) ".....data exception .... 
> R_REL24_PPC"

It's hard to say anything without seeing the actual output.

> I googled the mail archive: it is a known problem, but I did not found 
> any solution. I always see "-fPIC" mention that is all.

Non-PIC code in shared objects is one possible cause of this kind of
error, but that's hardly relevant with the kernel. In general, it means
a symbol is unresolved.

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