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Re: Few Newbie Questions TiBook III - woody

On Die, 2003-04-01 at 14:35, Benjamin Swatek wrote: 
> Forth: Sleepmode: I'm on the 2.4.20-ben9 kernel, which I managed to compile 
> yesterday following jeffrey matt's advice to do the touch on the not existing 
> vmlinux.coff. Now when i close the lid under X the box goes sleeping, but 
> does a strange bing sound, 

The beep signals when the machine goes to sleep or wakes up. Maybe it
can be controlled with nvsetvol (only in powerpc-utils as of testing)
like the startup boing sound?

> the white light turns on, but I can't wake it up no more, have to do a reset 
> :-(( 

Have you followed all advice from this list about what options to use,
what modules to unload, etc. ?

> by the way, putting the box to sleep seems to unload usb support or something. 
> I do have a logitech mouse conected, and its light turns of when i the book 
> goes sleeping... any hints?

Do you want sleep to save power or not? ;)

> Fifth: the new kernel does some strange things, two times it stopped booting, 
> last line on the bootupscreen(kernel-loading-screen) was:
> pty: 256 Unix 98 ptys configured
> nothing after that, nothing after 5 minutes, so i had to reset.
> other thing is, that when I log in as root on the console, 

BTW, you should never log in as root, there are tools like su or sudo so
you don't have to.

> a lot of things flash by, too fast to read, whats that???

>From the description in your other post, it sounds like a kernel oops.
If so, it should be captured in /var/log/kern.log so you can pipe it
through ksymoops. It basically means something is wrong with the kernel
or possibly even the hardware.

> ahh, what was the exact adress for apt for the woody-proposed-updates?

The same as for woody should work if your mirror carries it.

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