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Re: kbdrate hangs on my new G4. Waaah!

On Tue, 2003-04-15 at 22:13, unixlists@twu.net wrote:
> This is awful. I can't type like this. I type "roast" and it come out
> "roastt" because the delay is practically nil. :( If you could PLEASE
> PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE find a way for me to change the delay to something
> sensible (preferably more than the 0.0000015286 picoseconds it seems to
> currently be set to) it would be VERY much appreciated. Thanks again, Ben!
> You're great.

That's strange, the delay I have here is rather useable and have
always been that way. Are you using X ? X has its own keyboard
repeat delay mecanism so it may just be a setting incorrect
here. I don't think the input layer setting affect anything but


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