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Re: I need some help installing

On Tue, Apr 08, 2003 at 07:42:05PM -0400, karrottop wrote:
> Ok, So, I am verry happy with my debian installation on my x86 machine
> and I was thinking since my ibook is gettin a bit old it could use
> having linux on it as well.  Unfortunatley that and downloading the
> sarge powerpc iso and getting it burned, that is all the progress I have
> made.  I burned the ISO with xcdroast under my x86 debian installation
> but it does not boot from the disk when I try on my ibook.  So, I have
> read some other steps here and there as to what to do but it is not
> seeming to come together for me all that well.  I would appreciate is
> somebody wouldn't mind shooting over to me a quick walk-thru on how to
> get the ball rolling here.  By the way, I currenlty have my system set
> up with OS9 on one partition and a former OSX partition that I made a
> big mess  out of (its a long story but I can not boot to the OSX
> partition any longer)  I am more than happy to provide any info that may
> be needed....like the fact that it is a first run ibook (I should have
> mentioned that before)

The sarge installer is still in alpha; if you're up for testing it,
you'd have to boot it from OpenFirmware (as described in the Woody 
manual). AFAIK, this hasn't been attempted yet for powerpc.

If you just want to get an installation going, install woody instead.
You can apt-get dist-upgrade to sarge once the install is complete
(if you plan to do that, upgrade _before_ picking extra packages 
from tasksel or dselect/aptitude.)

Sounds like your OSX partition would be a prime candidate for
deleting and re-using in the partitioning stage ...


Chris Tillman
- Linux Rox -

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