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Hello again!

My machine: PPC 9600/350
My problem: it breathes with any problem

I am trying to set the parameters in order to boot the correct kernel
image. As some list members wrote, I am using the nvsetenv command.
This is the configuration set by me with nvsetenv command:

little-indian?    false
real-mode?    	false
auto-boot?    	false
diag-switch?    	false
fcode-debug?    	false
oem-banner?    	false
oem-logo?    	false
use-nvramrc?    	false
real-base    	0xffffffff
real-size    	0x100000
virt-base    	0xffffffff
virt-size    	0x100000
load-base    	0x4000
pci-probe-list    0xffffffff
screen-#columns	0x64
screen-#rows    	0x28
selftest-#megs    0x0
boot-device    	scsi/sd@1:0
boot-file    	/boot/vmlinux-2.2.19-pmac   // I think it is the correct
diag-service    	fd:diags
input-device    	kbd
output-device    	/bandit@F4000000/ATY,mach64@D
boot-command    	boot

The problem is that with this parameters the computer does not start.
The screen does not output any boot message, and a display says 'no
signal input or cable disconnected'.

Where is the problem? Any idea?

Help please

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