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can't play DVDs after enabling ide-scsi control of the device


I added the "append hdb=ide-scsi" line to my yaboot to route all hdb stuff
to the ide-scsi, and have set the module up to be loaded at startup. This
enables me to use the cd burner on my iBook2.2

However, now mplayer doesn't know where to look to use when playing dvds.
Mplayer does allow the user to specify the device for dvd playback (it use
to default to /dev/dvd, which in turn pointed to /dev/cdrom), but so far
trying /dev/hdb doesn't work.

On a similar note, pbbuttonsd now can't eject the cd tray. I have to boot up
xcdroast or something similar that understands the scsi layer to eject it.

Does anyone have this configuration working?


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