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Re: Kernel 2.4.xx to kernel 2.5.xx

Are you sure rivafb in 2.5 has better support than in 2.4? I thought it
was rather the other way around, but I may be wrong.

No, I'm not sure. But anyway, it would be a lot of work to backport because of the switch Paul mentioned. I guess I will try to get the information on the drivers and try to patch 2.4 instead. The remaining problem is the kind of problem you'd expect to find a clean and short solution.

Anyway, I couldn't even get the new kernel to boot and it broke some things. Like /dev/null was missing. It is incredible the kind of things that fail when /dev/null is a file and not a device. I couldn't even ssh into the box :(


[1] the screen is all bright orange whenever X (or the console in text mode) tries to blank it. Everything else works alright but as the machine should be on all the time I don't want to risk burn-in, if that happens in LCD too.

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