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Re: keymaps

On Fri, Apr 11, 2003 at 02:12:40PM +0100, Benjamin Swatek wrote:
> On Thu, 2003-04-10 at 21:37, Frank Murphy wrote:

> I have to load the ibook keymap manualy. This sucks a little bit ,
> especialy cause my keyboard is a bit strange after booting (yes I do
> have this line in the yaboot.conf). Well it's not too bad, i can log in
> as a user, do loadkeys and su from there on, but I would like to have
> the keyboard I want everytime I boot as default.
> What can be that message form above?

The default keymap is /etc/console/boottime.kmap.gz

Just copy your fave keymap there, and it will be used at boot.


Chris Tillman
- Linux Rox -

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