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Re: installing new kernel

On Mon, Apr 14, 2003 at 05:03:23PM +0200, Jean Monnat wrote:
> Dear Debian specialists,
> Because of printing problems, I tried to upgrade the kernel
> 2.4.18-newpowermac to the kernel 2.4.20-ben10. So I downloaded it and then
> tar -xvzf 2.4.20-ben10.tar.gz. I followed instructions on how to install it,
> that's to say
> mv vmlinux /boot
> mv System.map /boot
> mv modules /lib/modules/VERSION
> I changed the yaboot.conf line image=/boot/vmlinux
> When I reboot i get this line of message "unable to locate
> /lib/modules/2.4.20-ben10..." something like that.
> However, when I do uname -a, I can see that the new kernel has been loaded.
> Ok, then I tried to configure my USB printer EPSON Stylus Photo 870 with
> KDE, and I can see and choose usb dev/lpO. I made a test print, but nothing
> happens and I get the message "lpr executable could not be found in your
> path, check your installation".
> My question is: Do you think that there is any relation between the two
> messages.
> I do not know if I am clear enough. Anyway thank you very much for your
> help.
> A lost newbie
> Jean Monnat
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In order to compile a new kernel, you can use the kernel-package 
debian tool. It's the simplest way for a newbie. See the documentation 
of the package for more information, or follow the instructions 
in this page:


So, my advise:

1. Come back to the previous state
2. apt-get install kernel-package
3. Read carefully the docs.
4. Compile the new kernel

Good luck,


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