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PBG412 install early failure

Hello together!

I got my brandnew PBG4 12" yesterday 8)) and tried immediatly to
install Woody which I didn't succeed until now (-((.

I tried to follow Matthias Schmidt's and Branden Robinson's
recommendations and partitioned my 60G Toshiba HD from MacOS X with
40G Debian (tried HFS+ and HFS, the second one just to be shure) and
15,.. G MacOS X and installed MacOS X new (here I've to state that
the problem with booting MacOS X with DVD as M.S. reported seems not
to exist any more). After that I put yaboot-1.3.10 (& , Orion Buckminster
Montoya's kernel renamed linux.bin and images-1.44/root.bin to MacOS
X's /.

First surprise was that this kernel hangs, when I tried to boot it
from OF with
     boot hd:3,yaboot

So my question at this point is what does a kernel need to be
qualified for an installation (exept of _no modules_ ;). Any hints,
links, help ..., probably an address with an image.

After that I tried to boot from my Woody CD's (r0). Clearly installer
found no HD. When I tried mac-fdisk from a console it showed me hda1 and
hda2 on /dev/hda (1 seems to be partition map and hda2 is HFS and only
some 500M large 8-0 ). Also mac-fdisk complains that /dev/hda is _not
writeable_ :(.

So I seem to be prisoner of MacOS X ;).

What else can I try to get Debian on my box.

Any hints and help is greatfully appreciated.

If someone needs further information, please feel free to let me

TIA for patience &

  have a good time



Georg Koss

mailto: g.koss@nextra.at

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