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Re: Debian with Mac.

BJ> 12,1-tums TFT XGA-screen
BJ> 800 MHz PowerPC G3
BJ> 512 K L2-cache (vid 800 MHz)
BJ> 256 MB SDRAM-memory
BJ> 30 GB Ultra ATA-unit
BJ> DVD/CD-RW-unit
BJ> ATI Mobility Radeon 7500
BJ> 32 MB graphic mem
BJ> 10/100BASE-T Ethernet
BJ> Internal 56K-modem
BJ> AirPort-ready

works really fine for me, except the modem (i don't use it anyway, but
i heard it was a real problem to get this running...)

i didn't try to play dvd, but... hey!
you don't need GHz's to play dvd!

mfg bert

ihr seid alles kranke kinder -- http://www.zooomclan.org

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