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Re: nvsetenv

On   8 Apr, this message from David Campillos echoed through cyberspace:
> I am trying to set the parameters in order to boot the correct kernel
> image. As some list members wrote, I am using the nvsetenv command.
> This is the configuration set by me with nvsetenv command:
> little-indian?    false
Ah, but you need to let the little indian out ;-)) Otherwise how to you
want him to boot your machine?

Just kidding....

> real-mode?    	false
> auto-boot?    	false
This means you will stop at the OF prompt. OF will not try to start your
kernel. If for whatever reason your display isn't useable under OF, you
will just get nothing at all. Set this to true and try.

> use-nvramrc?    	false
Is your nvramrc empty after a PRAM reset? If not, you'd better set this
to true.

> boot-file    	/boot/vmlinux-2.2.19-pmac   // I think it is the correct
> name

boot-file can also be set to the alias name of the section in quik.conf
that you want to boot. That's how I use that variable.

> boot-command    	boot

You _may_ have to cmd-ctrl-power the box a few times on cold boot to
make the disk spin up, before OF will be able to load anything from it.
The final solution in that case is something like:

  boot-command    begin ['] boot catch 1000 ms cr again



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