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Re: Important keyboard problem (^[[B sent indefinitely)


> > I encountered a similar problem with the eject/F12 key;
> > this was helped by just pressing the button once
> > more.
> > it seemed to me like the keyboard driver/interface sometimes
> > fails to regognize key release events and therefore just 
> > emits a continuous stream of key press events.
> Isn't it also possible that the key is physically sticking?

that's a possibility, of course. however, the key didn't look
sticked, and since re-pressing always solved the problem (which,
btw, also sometimes occured with other keys during "hasty" 
typing (when moving my fingers with warp 9 or more :) ),
it feels more like the missed key-release event to me.

(I dunno, maybe even in the hardware layer?)

besides that, I'm not really a fan of 'coked' keyboard mode :)))

Philipp Kaeser / kaeser@gubbe.ch

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