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Re: Few Newbie Questions TiBook III - woody

Hi there, sorry for not respongding a time, was offline...

> > >
> > > > other thing is, that when I log in as root on the console, a lot of
> > > > things flash by, too fast to read, whats that???
> > >
> > > The normal login messages, you can check them out using dmesg.
> > 
> > no, its not! there are shit loads of things flashing by when I finish logging 
> > in, not while booting, it starts the second I press enter after entering the 
> > root pass, and the last lines are diffrent from what I get with dmesg.
> > the last line before the promt for examle says:
> > c01beb20 rwsem_wake
> > before that are 2 more with a diffrent code but rwsem_something
> > I have no idea how to copy this, so I can hardly tell you more...
> kewl, man, like, psychadelic.

I still have no idea what this is, since upgrading to ben9 and now still
with ben10 it keeps flashing by, ksymoops didnt help.

at least my sleepmod now works,after upgrading the system to testing,
and to me a lot of stuff seems to work better, only that I'm still on
gnome 1.7 or something and I realy would like gnome 2.x, is there any
way to get this working?
apt-get won't install it, too many unsolved dependecies.

otherthing is that the box still hangs from time to time starting up,
the last line I see is:

pty: 256 Unix98 ptys configured

than it hangs and i have to do a reset.
Now, as it started up well, after the line above comes:

IN from bad port 23d at c02db57c
Uniform Multi-Platform E-IDE driver Revision: 6.31

Whats "bad" here?
As after this comes the IDE driver I just checked the hardware with the
apple-test-cd which didn't find nothing, but this doesn't mean anything,
as it seems it doesn't realy test the HD.

Finaly I still don't get my Keybord to work like I want it to, seems to
me I need the files:

the last one i got from a RedHat-PC, but the second one I can't find.
Can anyone mail it to me please?
I do have an ibook2-keymap here and hope this works, but it want's to
include the above mentioned one.
Hope with this i get my german layout to work and later can write
accents aswell. I need it...


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