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MOL not working after latest apt-get upgrade

Hi list,

since the latest upgrade of the debian/ppc unstable dist i get errors
if I start mac os x within mol. I can not try with an other OS.

Sequentially listing of problem:
1. I do "startmol --session=5" as su
2. mol starts up switches the terminal and displays the grey mox screen
3. mol hangs.
4. I change back to the console where I triggered the startup.
5. Mol hangs in a endless loop which says: 
	"Unimplemented store instruction 7C000FEC"
6. I can stop that doing strg+c twice.

The mol modules is loaded successfully, I even tried with different

I also played around with the configurations file for macosx without
any success. (different harddisk setups / ram size).

In the mol forums some similar error messages were discussed but
this dates back to 2000 and hopefully they did not reimplent them.

Is anybody experiencing the same problem?
Any hints?

Just wanted to know before writing a bugreport.


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