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ibook sleeps in 20 seconds

Hello to all.

I've been running my ibook for over 3 months without problems but last
week I upgrade the sistem. I'm using Sarge. 

The problem is that after upgrading my ibook slepps in 20 seconds.
Before upgrading I could configure the pmu and the hdparm with the file
/etc/power/pwrctl-local and it worked well. But after the upgrade it
seems that the file /etc/power/pwrctl-local is beeing executed (I know
this because it changes the cpufreq) but it sleeps in 20 seconds
independly of the time I specify in the hdparm line.

Does anybody know what can be the problem? Does the file
/etc/power/pwrctl has to be empty? I don't remember very well how it was
before the upgrade. The only thing I know is that it worked.

Thank you very much and sorry for my english.

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