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Re: installing new kernel

Hej Jean,

> tar -xvzf 2.4.20-ben10.tar.gz. I followed instructions on how to install it,
> that's to say
> mv vmlinux /boot
> mv System.map /boot
> mv modules /lib/modules/VERSION
> I changed the yaboot.conf line image=/boot/vmlinux
> When I reboot i get this line of message "unable to locate
> /lib/modules/2.4.20-ben10..." something like that.
> However, when I do uname -a, I can see that the new kernel has been loaded.

I wonder if you have moved the 'modules' directory to
a directory called 'VERSION' in /lib/modules ? :)
(you're supposed to replace 'VERSION' with the current kernel
version; however I guess it's preferrable to uses the make
target modules_install, see below)

in order to get it back and hopefully properly installed,
don't use the mv command to install modules. issue the

(cd to the directory where you've built the kernel)
mv /lib/modules/VERSION modules
make modules_install

this will do the trick. (hopefully :) )

> happens and I get the message "lpr executable could not be found in your
> path, check your installation". My question is: Do you think that there 
> is any relation between the two messages.
probably not - the lpr executable is not part of the
kernel. do you have installed the lpr package?

Philipp Kaeser / kaeser@gubbe.ch

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