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Re: PBG4 12" and "hda:drive_cmd:" error, what does it mean?

> How or where do I find something about what that means?
> Would it be adviseable to try to change the controller of the HD to
> the first controller if possible? I asked my Apple-dealer, who told
> me, that he didn't open one of these machines up to now and couldn't
> help me. Also I wonder if PBG4 12" has a second, third ... controller.
> Would /dev/hda be the built-in CDRW/DVD? How can I check this?
> Lots of questions, I know but, thanks for your patience and help.

It's possible to change the order, but that would also change it for
all the current desktops with an ATA/100, I'm sure some users would
complain if I change it at this point. I'm considering adding a
kernel config option though to force the ATA/100 to be first.


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