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fbset on woody

Hi all,

Does fbset work properly with woody on a starmax 3000? I have just put debian onto this machine and after 
configuring the xserver during installation (800 x 600 with 16 bit colour) got horrible colours when the desktop 
environment started (it looked like it may 16 colours - ie not a bit depth of 16, but 16 actual colours). I then 
went back and used the dpkg reconfigure tool for xserver to change this to 8 bit colour (256 colours) and got 
something acceptable at 1024 x 768 res. However, I would like to be able to change these settings without having 
to go back and reconfigure every setting in the xserver (ie without using dpkg reconfigure xserver xfree86). I 
found a help page on a web site about debian (not THE debian www site) that referred to fbset for setting frame 
buffer variables. This seems to be the right tool to use. It was not installed as part of the standard install, 
but apt-get did find it on the distribution CD and managed to install it. I ran it and told it to set the x and y 
resolutions to "-yres 800 -xres 600" (a suggested resolution). The screen went blank and I had to do a restart. It 
does seem strange that it quotes yres as 800, since I always thought that screen res would be (eg) 640 x 480, 800 
x 600, etc with the larger figure being the xres. I also tried it that way round and the screen went blank again.

The info on the help page did say that "whacky" settings would cause the screen to blank. However, the above 
resolutions don't seem "whacky" to me (at least one way round - whichever is the "right" way).

Anyone got any ideas, or another (standard?) way to alter xserver resolutions in debian on the mac?

Thanks in advance,


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