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Important keyboard problem (^[[B sent indefinitely)

I was using emacs on my Titanium, and suddenly the machine behaved as
if the Ctrl key were permanently pressed. For instance, if I opened
an xterm, typing 'd' did a Ctrl-D and quit the shell.

I decided to switch to a virtual console (I could do that), but here,
I got endless ^[[B sequences on the screen (as if this came from the
keyboard), and I couldn't do anything any longer: I couldn't login,
I couldn't even switch to another virtual console...

Fortunately, there was another machine on the network and I could
telnet from it and reboot. I had the same problem a few months ago,
and had to switch off, IIRC.

Did anyone have the same problem or a similar one? (I remember that
at least another user had a similar problem.) Has it been fixed?

Note: I'm using the 2.4.18-newpmac kernel.

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