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evolution 1.3 for powerpc

After reading the archive of debian-gtk-gnome, I have discovered that
once again Michel Dänzer is far in advance of all of us. 
This is completely unacceptable, he is quietly sending mails with evo1.3
under powerpc ;-)
I have decided to fight back and have recompiled the Takuo Kitame
experimental package for ppc. 


You can find the resulting packages (for SID) there:

The building process went smoothly except for a Makefile that was unable
to install the evolution1.3 shortcut (.desktop file).
I am using it since (not for this mail) and it seems ok.
A good thing is that both the old and this evolution can be installed
simultaneously. Please read the upgrade notes at:

Of course the following evolution 1.4 preview is already out:


Christophe Barbé <christophe.barbe@ufies.org>
GnuPG FingerPrint: E0F6 FADF 2A5C F072 6AF8  F67A 8F45 2F1E D72C B41E

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