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Re: Few Newbie Questions TiBook III - woody

> UFS is not supported at all. HFS filenames can be up to 31 characters.
> Both systems can access the files; assuming you have an application capable
> of handling mp3 in both, then an mp3 file is useful on both.

well ok, I'll try mol, the tip form chrisophe
> > other thing is, that when I log in as root on the console, a lot of
> > things flash by, too fast to read, whats that???
> The normal login messages, you can check them out using dmesg.

no, its not! there are shit loads of things flashing by when I finish logging 
in, not while booting, it starts the second I press enter after entering the 
root pass, and the last lines are diffrent from what I get with dmesg.
the last line before the promt for examle says:
c01beb20 rwsem_wake
before that are 2 more with a diffrent code but rwsem_something
I have no idea how to copy this, so I can hardly tell you more...

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