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Re: No X Windows on PowerBook G3 Help!

Hello again,

In the meantime I downloaded and compiled the kernel 2.4.20-ben9 with the
original .config just adding a few necessary modules I needed for my
PowerBook G3 (Wallstreet) and got it to work nicely:

1.) The new speed of the system is amazing!

2.) With this kernel I can finally run the ati driver instead of the fbdev
driver (which was the only driver able to run on kernel 2.4.18).
I just get some 3-5 seconds of "erupting colourful clouds" on my screen when
starting the kde environment with startx just before the light grey screen
appears. These "clouds" I also recognise when I boot into MacOS X. But here
only for a duration of half a second. Are these "clouds" a sign for any
destructive possibility?

3.) With this new kernel I can't see any cursor on my black text screen. How
do I get my cursor back? It is annoying to guess where the cursor could be
and input text on the command line or in pico.

4.) At the moment I try to get the PCMCIA slots to work. I downloaded the
pcmcia-cs-3.2.4.tar.gz package from sourceforge.net and am going to compile
it into the modules. Do I also need the pcmcia-modules package for that
purpose or can I do without?


> No the previous kernel was the 2.2.20 kernel that I have on my floppies.
> With these floppies I installed the whole system, but wasn't able to run
> x-windows (with none of the drivers (ati, fbdev and the 10 others). The most
> promising however  was the vga driver, but that stuck because it asked for a
> Clock line.

>> Did fbdev work with the old kernel also? I suspect your new kernel doesn't
>> fix the problem but rather found an old way to bypass the problem (Michel:
>> does X mangle the PCI resources only with the aty driver, or does this
>> happen with fbdev as well?)
> No, the fbdev driver works as the only one only on the 2.4.18 kernel. With
> this new kernel the problem was solved.

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