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RE: airport monitor mode/ ben8

Oliver, all-

I'm also running ben8 and trying to get Kismet and Airsnort running, so I'd
be interested in hearing of any progress that you make.

I've applied both patches (and can see monitor listed when I "iwpriv eth1"),
and Kismet runs okay, and I can execute the command 

iwpriv eth1 monitor 2 11 (an example configuration I saw)

with no problems, but when I kick off Airsnort and tell it to start
sniffing, I get the error

"Could not set promiscuous mode".

What am I missing?


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In article <20030403190319.GA3126@olliwolli.de>,
Oliver Ripka <olliwolli@gmx.de> wrote:
> I just tried to run kismet, but the ben8 airport module
> seems not to be patched for montior mode. I  remeber
> that older kernels supported that.
> So, am I just doing something wrong or is the support
> simply not included in ben8?

It's not included; but if you apply both the patches:
then it should work fine.

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