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Re: keymaps

On Mit, 2003-04-16 at 12:24, Gabriel Paubert wrote: 
> This said, the Spanish keyboard layouts for Macs have errors, especially
> the X ones are unusable as is. Whom should I contact to send better ones 
> I have created?

Submit a bug in the XFree86 bugzilla (http://bugs.xfree86.org) and/or
against the xlibs Debian package.

> Note that my keymaps may not suit every Spanish user still, but are a 
> better starting point. They still have a few issues:
> 1) I wanted the same layout under OS X and Linux if possible
> 2) I have a few additional key mappings because I sometimes have to
> type in French
> 3) Apple's laptop keyboards switched from having two Alt and one
> Command/Apple keys to one Alt and two Command/Apple. OS X uses
> Alt to give access to the 3rd/4th symbol, that's fine on the Pismo, 
> maybe I'll have to swap them if I buy a new machine. I really need 
> the 3rd/4th symbol more often than the command key, for 
> \|@#[]{}~«»æœÆŒ€, but see 1) and 5).
> 4) I'd like to remap the stupid enter key on the bottom row
> to something else.
> 5) personal tastes (can't argue about it)

No, but the default keymaps that ship with X should be neutral and
correspond to what's written on the keys as much as possible. Everybody
can adjust them to his taste as he likes.

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