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Re: Mac 7200 (PPC) sees Promise controller.. BUT NO DRIVES

> Dear God, HFS is _STILL_ experimental!?

Yes. Until someone show up to really maintain it and fix some
of the most annoying bugs, it will stay that way.

> What ticks me off is the utter lack of attention paid to non-x86 platforms
> by Linus and crew. Shouldn't your superb patches be integrated regularly
> into the main (Linus) kernel tree? :/ Oh well. OK, off to patch I go.

Hehe, well, it's not that bad actually, and it's mostly me not always
pushing enough to get things in. The situation with 2.4 is a bit weird
as some of the stuffs in my tree cannot go in "as is" for various
reasons. Hopefully, things will be better after 2.6 is released.


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