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Re: ben10 kernel and ibook 2.2

El Viernes, 11 de Abril de 2003 19:11, Pisupati, Ajay escribió:
> In either case, my question is,
> can I upgrade to ben10 and expect my ibook to still function properly?

Yes, I'm using it perfectly, with debian woody. But... you will need to check 
if the device /dev/apm_bios exists. This device, AFAIK, was created in my 
ibook when I installed the "laptop" section running tasksel. So run tasksell, 
and install those packages (or install those packages with apt-get), or try 
to create the device manually.

If you understand french, try reading that:

I don't speak french, but commands are easy to "translate" ;-).

Best regards.
Alex (a.k.a. suy)  -  GPG ID: AA8D2A01

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