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I‘m trying to install (change to) kernel 2.4.20-ben10 on
my mac 7300/180 which is already running “woody“ on a 2.2
kernel. Apparently i need a 2.4 kernel to mount/use a usb
pen drive (also good practice to install woody on my ibook).

After downloading the kernel-image, setting group/permissions to root,
moving both System map and vmlinux to /boot and copying vmlinux to the
Linux Kernels folder in my Mac´s System Folder, typing "keyboard_sends_linux_codes=1"
as kernel argument in BootX and rebooting, i got :

Welcome to Linux, kernel 2.4.20-ben10

linked at : 0xc0000000
frame buffer at : 0x94c00218 (phys),0xd0c00218 (log)
klimit : 0xc037d000
MSR :0x0000c084

pmac_init(): exit
id mach (): done
MMU:hdw init
hash:find piece
xmon uses screen and keyboard
setup_arch: enter
setup_arch: bootmem
arch: exit

vector: 200 at pc =00000300, lr = c02fca28
msr = 41000, sp = c03f7f30  [c03f7e80]
current = c03f60000, pid = 1, comm = swapper

and the cursor just kept on flashing, expecting me, no doubt, to type
something intelligent.  After some googling, and discovered i might have to
change the video driver setting in BootX and rebooting, the process went quite
a bit further ( detecting hubs, busses mice, etc) . It got to the line :

/dev/sdb8: clean, 99818/1300480 files, 65324/2596864 blocks

then the following message shows up in the middle of the screen in bold:

vector: 600 at pc =c007dc80, lr = c007dc78
msr =9032, sp = d1d13e70   [d1d13dc0]
dar = 7, dsisr = 5d07
current = d1d12000, pid = 32,  comm = mount
mon> (flashing cursor)

As i can‘t come up with anything  else by
myself, i wonder if someone could point me in the right direction.

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