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Re: iBook and different network configurations

christophe barbe <christophe@cattlegrid.net> writes:

> On Fri, Apr 25, 2003 at 05:01:30PM +0200, J?r?me Marant wrote:
>> > ifplugd is a software that detect when you plug a cable to your
>> > ethernet
>> > interface and act accordingly.
>> > 
>> > whereami and friends, IIRC, are tools that try to identify to which
>> > lan
>> > you are connected to.
>> Hmm, I don't understand the difference between both. Could you
>> please tell me?
> That's simple, in the first categogy they tried to detect when there is
> a link. So when you plug your laptop, ifup ethX is called automatically
> and ifdown when you unplug.
> In the second category, the link is supposed to be there and they tru to
> identify the network (home or work?) by sending arp requests.


Jérôme Marant


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