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Re: Few Newbie Questions TiBook III - woody

On Tuesday 01 April 2003 17:24, Chris Tillman wrote:

> UFS is not supported at all. HFS filenames can be up to 31 characters.
> Both systems can access the files; assuming you have an application capable
> of handling mp3 in both, then an mp3 file is useful on both.

FAT32 is quite nice too, it has given me faster I/O rates, more file 
permissions support, and more reliability than HFS, all without the 31 
char-related pains. I'm currently using fat for all except my / , /home and 
OSX partitions. You can create fat partitions (and fsck them) with dosfstools 
from linux, and though mac OSX doesn't mount them automagically as it would 
an HFS filesystem, you can do it with the mount_msdos command, then edit the 
fstab and "activate" it (that is :sudo niload fstab . </etc/fstab) to mount 
them next time.
Still, I wish it were called something else than "msdos" :)

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