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kbdrate hangs on my new G4. Waaah!

Hi... this is Jessica Blank from TWU; some of you (hi Ben! :) ) might
remember me as the one having problems getting Linux working on a 7200.

I've got a G4/450 now! Yay. (Traded a Big Worthless PeeCee for it ;)

kbdrate, however, hangs my G4.

I have one of the original "graphite" colored G4 towers (a G4/450). Debian
boots fine, but the delay on the keyboard is RIDICULOUSLY low.. to the
point where if I type "t" I might end up with "tt".

I tried adjusting it with kbdrate -d 1000


it sat there...
...and sat there...
...and sat there...
...and then hardlocked the machine. (Or at least the keyboard!)

This is no fun. Any clues on what could be wrong? Would compiling my own
(2.4.$LATEST) kernel and my own copy of kbdrate (what package is it in,
anyhow?) from source help?

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