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Re: Adaptec 2940 ultra2

The kernel I'm booting up is on the internal PMac scsi, it's old drives (2x 1Go and 1x3Go) in scsi 50 pin.

Le lundi, 21 avr 2003, à 19:55 Europe/Zurich, Andreas Tobler a écrit :

David Ulrich wrote:
Thx for german (my german is bad too, but thx ;) next time I 'd learn better at school :D ) Okay, I boot with quick, because bootx does'nt allow booting with an SMP multiprocessor kernel :( ....

Ok, I have to stay in english then.

So you boot with quick.

Is the disk your're booting of the kernel on the internal MESH or on the 2940UW?

Note, just the kernel needs to sit on this disk which is hopefully attached to the MESH (internal Mac SCSI). Otherwise you have a chicken and egg problem.

If so, you can 'just' add a vmlinux with adaptec support on it.

I think it is going to be tricky ... never used quick since the days I tried, it wasn't usable for me on a wallstreet.


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