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Few Newbie Questions TiBook III - woody

Hi there!

I finaly got debian up and running, and everything works more or les fine
Thanks to christophe for his page.

now I still do have some questions or troubleshooting to solve,

first: the keyboard, I solved the tilde problem during installation 
with "loadkeys us" an have it where anyone with us-keyboard has it,
but i would like to have a working de-keyboard (german), eric boese-wolf sent 
me an i-book-de layout, but i have no clue how to install it... as for now, i 
don't have no possibility to access the 3rd symbols, which means i only get 
what comes pressing a key solo or with "shift", so i'm missing out far too 

Second: how do you guys interchange data with osX?
well, i know there are the hfs+ utils, but as for now, they only can read, 
right? (by the way, to where does hpmount a partition, how can I acces it in 
X?) I might use hfs, but it seems to me that hfs doesn't support long 
filenames, this sucks, i want long filenames, so what about a apple UFS (or 
whats it called) partition? mostly i want to use the interchange partition 
for music, video & text files, so can OS X apps and linux apps acces these 
files? the apps themself don't have to run on that filesystem...

Third: I didn't find a burning solution so far, I found a page about the 
superdrive, but it's propably different with my combo ?

Forth: Sleepmode: I'm on the 2.4.20-ben9 kernel, which I managed to compile 
yesterday following jeffrey matt's advice to do the touch on the not existing 
vmlinux.coff. Now when i close the lid under X the box goes sleeping, but 
does a strange bing sound, the white light turns on, but I can't wake it up 
no more, have to do a reset :-(( by the way, putting the box to sleep seems 
to unload usb support or something. I do have a logitech mouse conected, and 
its light turns of when i the book goes sleeping... any hints?

Fifth: the new kernel does some strange things, two times it stopped booting, 
last line on the bootupscreen(kernel-loading-screen) was:
pty: 256 Unix 98 ptys configured
nothing after that, nothing after 5 minutes, so i had to reset.
other thing is, that when I log in as root on the console, a lot of things 
flash by, too fast to read, whats that???

So far for now, if you need any more details, please tell me how to find 
them...(TiBook3 667; debian woody)

ahh, what was the exact adress for apt for the woody-proposed-updates?



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